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AL9M802 Multimedia Network Controller

Functional Description

AL9M802 is an AverLogicˇ¦s advanced Multimedia Networking Controller. It is an ASSP solution targeted for networking consumer multimedia and surveillance applications. It implements all necessary functions in hardware to provide customer flexible peripheral interfaces. By using this ASSP along with other companion chips is the best combination to meet customerˇ¦s system requirements. Itˇ¦s mainly designed to support 802.11x, HomePlug 1.0/AV and Ethernet for networked multimedia transmission. The data such as graphics, MPEG A/V, audio and voice can be transmitted by AL9M802 efficiently. By applying AverLogicˇ¦s proprietary network schemes for multimedia, such as Dynamic Stream Support, Parameterized QoS and ALMM PCF Operation, it provides high-quality MPEG audio & video transmission for isochronous and time-sensitive multimedia applications. It also has an 802.11x MAC interface so that it can be used to communicate with commercial WiFi PHY products. It also supports 802.3 compliant Ethernet MAC which can access to commercial Ethernet PHY directly. AL9M802 enables high speed and digital wireless data connectivity for networking multimedia or other broadband application.

*Standalone multiple channel multimedia networking transmitter/ receiver, like Networked FPD TV, Networked Video Sender/ DVD Player/Baby monitoring/Camera, etc.
*PC-based multiple channel multimedia networking transmitter/ receiver, like Networked LCD Monitor/ Projector/ Media Center/ Media Receiver/ Media Adapter, PC-based Media Player/ DVD Player, etc.
*PC-based 1/ 4/ 16CH networking surveillance system
*Networking home entertainment gateway
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Home A/V Network via Ethernet or Powerline  
Audio Streaming on Ethernet or Powerline  
AL9M802B-EVB-M-210N plus AL9M802B-EVB-M-211N  
*TS-like Interface to link to AL9V1280 VGA Codec

*MPEG Input port supports Compressed 8bit Digital Stream

* MPEG Output supports up to Sixteen Compressed 8bit Digital Streams

*Audio/Voice Input/Output port supports digital stream

*EPP/DMA interface supported

*Support SDRAM Controller interface with 16bit Data Bus

*Support up to 108MHz SDRAM mode

*AverLogic Proprietary MAC to boost 802.11b data rate

*WiFi 802.11b MAC Compliant

*Reserved 802.11a/b/g Wi-Fi MAC interface to access commercial 802.11a/g PHY

*Dynamic Stream Allocation Supported to support contention-free access

*Proprietary Parameterized QoS(Quality-of-Service) supported to handle resources allocation for each stream based on bandwidth, latency and jitter requirements

*AverLogic Proprietary ALMM-PCF Operation to support more types of frame and PCF operation

*Proprietary Channel Agility or CCA (Clear Channel Assessment) supported

*WEP encryption 64/128bit and proprietary 256bit supported for Security

*Ethernet MAC interface to access commercial Ethernet PHY

*Registers can be accessed by serial I2C port or 8-bit Parallel Port for high speed registers data update






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